Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions

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 Hispanic Serving Institutions In Practice

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Transforming Hispanic Serving Institutions

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In this keynote address, Dr. Garcia discusses her book Becoming Hispanic Serving Institutions: Opportunities for Colleges and Universities, published by Johns Hopkins University Press (2019). The book is about three, four-year HSIs in Chicago that have different characteristics, ranging in size, type, institutional control, mission, and history as HSIs. Dr. Garcia lays out her general argument about the racialization of HSIs, and how they are evaluated in comparison to racially white institutions within a system that values racially white norms and measures. She then provides evidence of how HSIs are unique, based on empirical data collected with the three HSIs in her study. Dr. Garcia challenges audience members to think about how becoming an HSI is an individual process for each college and university and reminds them that becoming an HSI is a racial project.

In this keynote address, Dr. Garcia discusses her book Hispanic Serving Institutions in Practice: Defining “Servingness” at HSIs, published by Information Age Publishing (2020). The edited book offers 16 chapters written by Title III and Title V Directors at HSIs across the country who share their experience defining “servingness” in practice. Dr. Garcia lays out the Multidimensional Conceptual Framework for Understanding “Servingness,” providing a definition of the concept of servingness. She talks about the “structures for serving” and gives examples from the book about how HSIs are transforming their structures in practice. She also complicates the “indicators of serving,” giving examples from the book about the various ways that HSIs are assessing the extent to which they are serving Latinx and other minoritized students. Dr. Garcia challenges audience members to think about servingness as a multidimensional concept that can be addressed in unique ways by each college and university

In this keynote address, Dr. Garcia talks about her Decolonizing HSIs Framework, which is an organizational model that is grounded in decolonial theory and anti-racist practices. First, she talks about the social and historical factors that have hindered the educational success of Latinxs, arguing for the need to use critical theory as a framework for serving these students. Then she lays out the framework, which includes nine organizational elements. Dr. Garcia encourages audience members to think about how to transform HSIs, from an organizational level, using her framework and with the goal of equity and justice as outcomes.