Leading and Enacting Servingness con Cariño

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Dra. Stephanie Aquilar-Smith

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As we continue down our journey to learn about servingness, this episode of ¿Qué pasa, HSIs? features Dra. Marla Franco who is the inaugural Assistant Vice Provost for HSI Initiatives at the University of Arizona. She shares insight into the intentional ways she implements servingness con cariño and offers best practices. She shares details about the HSI Fellows Program, which has not only become a vehicle for advancing servingnesss on campus, but also serves as a retention tool for faculty and staff on campus. She also talks about the AZ HSI Consortium and the importance of having a collective group of HSI leaders at the state level, while acknowledging some of the challenges and opportunities of being an HSI in Arizona. 

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Garcia, G.A. (Host). (2022, November 7). Leading and Enacting Servingness con Cariño. (No.9) [Audio podcast episode]. In ¿Qué pasa, HSIs?. URL

Show notes

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