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Dr. Gina Ann Garcia


Dr. Gina Ann Garcia

Dr. Gina Ann Garcia is a leading scholar on Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and a professor in the Berkeley School of Education.

​​Dr. Garcia is a public scholar advocating with and for HSIs and is committed to disrupting the status quo of postsecondary education. Her goal is to transform HSIs and other colleges and universities that enroll the most compositionally diverse students. She delivers public lectures that motivate people to think critically about the role and function of colleges and universities, offers training and workshops to help faculty, staff, and administrators assess their institutional practices and approaches to serving Latine/x and other racially and economically minoritized students, and consults directly with HSI educators and leaders.


Explore my recent books and publications to understand the organizational structures, governance, curriculum development and student experiences that shape Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), and explore theories and promising practices to transform HSIs and better serve students at your institution.

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