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HigherEd Job Blog

Higher Ed Job Blog

Back in 2020, I was the Author in Residence for Higher Education Jobs Blog and contributed 5 public articles on topics related to social justice in the curriculum, racial justice, and anti-racism in higher education.


Check out the articles.

Garcia, G. A. (2021, May). Equitable Graduation Rates for Latino Students is the Minimum; Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) Should Ensure Liberatory Outcomes, Too. University of Pittsburgh.

Garcia, G. A., Ramirez, J. J., Patrón, O. E., & Medina, O. (2017). Reframing Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs): A Counterstory of a “Latinized” Institution in the Midwest. CMSI Research Brief.

Garcia, G. A. (2019, December). Defining “servingness” at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs): Practical implications for HSI leaders. American Council on Education.

Garcia, G. A. & Taylor, M. (2017). A closer look at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (pp. 26-30). In Espinosa, L. L., Turk, J. M., & Taylor, M. (Eds.), Pulling back the curtain: Enrollment and outcomes at Minority Serving Institutions. American Council on Education. 

Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Q&A with Dr. Gina Garcia

The Ebony Power: Scholar Spotlight: 
Dr. Gina Garcia
, Part I (2016, September 16)

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