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Becoming an HSI as Process


From the episode:

"We started kind of thinking about some next steps about, okay we're about like 17-18% Latino students and how are we going to find ways to support the students; how are we going to find ways to be proactive in the [HSI] process?"

Martín Alberto Gonzalez

(he, him, his)

Episode description

In our first multi-guest episode of ¿Qué pasa, HSIs? I had the honor of sharing space with members of the Portland State University’s HSI Exploratory Committee: Óscar Fernández, Carrie Vasquez, Joe Rivera Soto, & Martín Alberto Gonzalez. We talk about the process of becoming an HSI and the intentional ways that PSU is engaging this process.


Our guests talk about the challenges of becoming an HSI and the ways that they have worked with students, and especially undocumented students, as part of this process. We also talk about the unique aspects of becoming an HSI in the Pacific Northwest, an area that has not been covered in HSI research.

APA citation

Garcia, G.A. (Host). (2022, October 3). Becoming an HSI as Process. (No.4) [Audio podcast episode]. In ¿Qué pasa, HSIs?.

Show notes

Allen, S. (2022, May 11). PSU is an emerging Hispanic-Serving Institution.

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