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Elevating Hispanic-Serving Community Colleges


From the episode:

"I think that where [adding HSI to the mission] gets complicated for community colleges in particular is these are open access institutions that have the charge to serve everyone who walks through their doors"

Dra. Erin Doran (she/her)

Associate Professor

Iowa State University

Episode description

We turn the focus to Hispanic-Serving Community Colleges (HSCCs) for this episode of ¿Qué pasa, HSIs? with Dra. Erin Doran who is an associate professor in the School of Education at Iowa State University. She is a 3-time graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), which has an extensive history as an HSI that Erin documented, highlighting the intentional way that the university set out to serve Latinx students. Her experience at UTSA and her accumulated five years of experience as a community college adjunct is highly influential on her outlook as a teacher and informs much of her research about Latina/o/x students, community colleges; college learning and teaching; and ethnic studies.

APA citation

Garcia, G.A. (Host). (2022, October 17). Elevating Hispanic-Serving Community Colleges. (No.6) [Audio podcast episode]. In ¿Qué pasa, HSIs?.

Show notes

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