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Poderosa Leading a Hispanic Serving Community College (HSCC)


From the episode:

"For our Latino students that has meant that we have year after year increase in the number and the percentage of Latino students who are completing their transfer, and in many cases going right into CSU or UC. And I'm really proud of that, right? Because…those students are then telling their primos, their brothers, their sisters, and that's where there is communal impact…I believe that this work is about disrupting generational poverty."

Dra. Angélica Garcia (she/her/ella)

Berkeley City College

Episode description

In this episode of ¿Qué pasa, HSIs? we learn with Dra. Angélica Garcia who serves as president of Berkeley City College (BCC), a Hispanic-serving community college in California. Dr. Garcia is passionate about issues of access, equity, and student success in higher education. For nearly two decades, her professional experiences have included teaching and administrative roles in non-profit organizations, secondary education, and higher education. She believes that community colleges serve as pathways to liberation for historically minoritized communities and promotes this in institutional reform efforts. Come learn with this poderosa on how to lead HSIs through an anti-racist lens, how to approach governance when doing equity work, and how to engage with policy in a way that elevates servingness.

APA citation

Garcia, G.A. (Host). (2023, March 19). Poderosa leading a Hispanic serving community college (HSCC). (No.209) [Audio podcast episode]. In ¿Qué pasa, HSIs?.

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