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Enacting Servingness in the Northeast


From the episode:

"I think that we have some of the issues that other institutions will have that are not necessarily just HSI, but if we are talking specific to HSI…it is very different an HSI in Florida than it is here in New Jersey, than it is in New York, than it is in Arizona, than it is in Texas, than it is in California, okay, these are different so I'm going to talk a little bit more about."

Katia Paz (she/her/ella)

Associate Provost,

Hispanic Initiatives & International Programs, Montclair State University

Episode description

For the final episode of the second season of ¿Qué pasa, HSIs? I talk to Katia Paz who serves at the inaugural Associate Provost for Hispanic Initiatives & International Programs at Montclair State University. Dr. Paz is a part of the Provost’s senior leadership team and is a professor and founding chair of the Family Science and Human Development Department. In this episode we discuss some of her challenges and successes in enacting servingness in her position. She draws on her own research with families and communities to think about servingness. We also talk about the unique aspects of enacting servingness in New Jersey.

APA citation

Garcia, G.A. (Host). (2023, March 26). Enacting servingness in the northeast. (No.210) [Audio podcast episode]. In ¿Qué pasa, HSIs?.

Show notes


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