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Learning with RESISTE: STEM Servingness Research


From the episode:

"I do wanna mention that the Research Institute has thrived through a collaborative mentorship model that is very much reciprocal where everybody's perspectives are valued and mattered, and we learn from each other and  grow through building community and supporting each other, and just like I mentioned that those doors were open for me, we see this as some of the most important work that we do in uplifting the next next generation of HSI and STEM education scholars and practitioners, and have worked hard since our inception to support students in variety of ways".

Dr. Felisha Herrera Villarreal (she/her)

Professor & Director of the Research & Equity Scholarship Institute, San Diego State University

Episode description

In this episode of ¿Qué pasa, HSIs? we continue down the path of understanding and conceptualizing STEM servingness with scholars from the Research and Equity Scholarship Institute, affectionately known as RESISTE, at San Diego State University. Dr. Felisha Herrera Villarreal is the director of the institute and widely published scholar who has procured external funding to support STEM servingness and STEM pathways research. Her scholarship employs advanced statistical techniques to examine contextual factors—institutional, geographic, demographic, political, and economic—that impact postsecondary outcomes. She is joined by Dr. Victoria Rodriguez-Operana, postdoctoral research fellow for RESISTE who co-leads efforts on externally funded projects housed at the institute. Her research experience in education, psychology, and human development helps her focus on the experiences and well-being of minoritized students in this work. This episode is full of STEM servingness knowledge creation that centers Hispanic-serving community colleges (HSCCs) and the intentional work that is happening across San Diego HSCCs to ensure successful pathways into STEM majors and STEM careers for students. We also talk about the mentoring (femtoring) and care that goes into doing HSI research at RESISTE.

APA citation

Garcia, G.A. (Host). (2023, October 15). Learning with RESISTE: STEM Servingness Research. (No.306) [Audio podcast episode]. In ¿Qué pasa, HSIs?.

Show notes

X: @resiste_sdsu



Dr. Felisha Herrera Villarreal


Herrera, F. A., Rodriguez-Operana, V. C., Kovats Sánchez, G., Cerrillos, A., & Marquez, B. (2022). “It was hard, and it still is . . .”: Women of color navigating HSI STEM transfer pathways. AERA Open, 8(1), 1–15. 


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Herrera, F. A., & Rodriguez-Operana, V. (2020). A national portrait of STEM trajectories through two- and four-year Hispanic Serving Institutions. Hispanic Educational Technology Services, 11(1), 7–33. 

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